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Khamis, 30 April 2009

New Telco XOX ( 010 )

New Telco XOX using 010 come with 128k 3G sim card which mean more sms and contact can be store.

Starter pack rm8.80 together with 1200 free sms ( 100/month for a year )

20 sen/min for 8 family and friends from all network (010,012,017,013,019,016,018 or land line)


XOX to XOX / celcom
voice call 36sen/min
sms 7 sen
mms 35 sen

XOX to others
voice call 36 sen/min
sms 15 sen
mms 35 sen

I think this is the best value so far. what do you think?

ps: remember the old time 010 number which most of the phone size as brick

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