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Selasa, 17 November 2009

Lamp berger pengakuan mangsa

Baru ini aku ada terima pelawaan daripada seorang rakan yang mahu aku join marketing plan mereka, lamp berger. Aku dah agakdah ini mesti MLM punya, member get member, tak ada member join maknanya tak ada duit lah..so aku surf net tengok apa cerita lamp berger ni coz ada dengar belambak dah kena. Ada member kepada member dah labur rm40k hangus macam tu aje..anyway korang baca la artikel yang ditulis mamat ni pasal lamp berger, dan aku dah cuba translate ke BM tapi bunyinya kelakar..so baca lah buat pedoman.

isu mlm hai o

ciri-ciri mlm syariah

hmm.. i got test tmr.. but still not finish studyin it yet… not in the mood for studying i guess.. duno y.. slept at 7.50am this morning.. cos chatting on phone with gf… y? bcos some stupid fella trying to con her into lampe berger MLM thingy.. which is already proven is a scam.. her fren brought her for supper last nite.. n then with whole crowd of lampe berger fellas… n then.. huh.. i’m really impressed with their tactics… they asked her to drive their so called new car… BMW 5 series… n still she only found out its a tactic after i told her… its quite obvious when someone trying to talk u into some kind of multi level marketing thingy… n then telling u that he or she earned duno how many k’s.. each month.. n now.. he can afford to buy a new car..

wah… BMW 5 series… are u impressed??? wana join??
i managed to find a lot of info about this lampe berger thingy.. n yes.. its a scam.. something like those thingy that u light up in a room.. with the smell that can cure ur sickness… bullshit la… i even found a clip from HK TVB where those host went into the company to investigate wat the hell is it.. n then.. they even bought the lampe berger n test it in the lab.. it is said that the lampe can produce O. atom after burning it… n then.. then the atom.. O. combine with our oxigen.. O2.. it produces O3.. which is our ozon.. which can filter away all those harmful particles in the air.. n the results from the lab came out that the lampe cannot produce a single shit at all.. wana watch? there are some studies show that these kind of things is harmful to pregnant womens also.. not in the clip la….

y i’m so pissed off? i duno… i just dun like those ppl scamming other ppl’s money.. with all kind of bullshit.. if u really wan ppl to join something.. b honest.. at least let ppl know wat the heck is that thing.. the fren asked her to go to the company tmr.. which i insisted her to reject the fren.. but then.. they still have the strongest tactic.. claiming that they are ur fren.. hard for u to reject them right? so after hours of trying to reject her fren.. the fren ask her to go to the company to c wat he is doing all the time.. AS A FREN… bullshit.. really bullshit.. we’ll c wats gona happen tmr.. my gf promised me that if something turns wrong.. which a lot of other ppl in the company interupt to ask her to join.. she’ll just leave the place.. from wat i heard..

those ppl in the company will try to poison u.. saying that they earn how much money each month.. quit their job bcos this lampe berger is earning much more than their own job.. n then.. showing their so called luxury sports cars… which u dun even know it belongs to them or not.. they just rent it mayb? LOL…
friends… friends dun force their friends to do anything… friends are suppose to help each other when in need… not forcing u to go to the bullshit company n listen to bullshits.. wasting ur time.. what i saw in forums… those ppl who brought their frens into the company for bullshiting.. they are not frens anymore.. for example.. the Ecosway thingy… started by my fren in utm here.. approached me.. i say no.. that’s all.. no more topics about it… that’s wat i call frens…

if someone say no to u for this kind of business… just stop it.. if u really felt that he’s ur fren.. no point of ruining a friendship bcos of something u think u can earn money from but he dun.. that’s a true friendship..
Updates 22 April 2007 – Malaysia’s Security Commission had listed out an alert list of scamming potential investment programs at http://sc.com.my/ . Lampe Berger was listed in the list but then was removed after a few days. What happened? I don’t know. And yet, newspapers had news about this fraud investments and LB is listed in there as well. So guys, those who kept on cursing around in this post comments, can you give us some reasons why LB is listed in those list?


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