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Ahad, 23 Ogos 2009

Remembering Gaza

Do you remember this little boy who suffered from the gaza tragedy

And this boy also, do we still remember how israeli attack their house killing thousand

Where is the tears that broken our heart when they killed this little girl

Some of us not even bother, not even care, not feeling guilty and some has coming back to their comfort season hoping that palestinian are secure and safe at this moment especially in Ramadhan. But do we realise that they are more suffering this day without any food, medicine and support.

I quote from che det blog regards this issue.
3. Many of the rich countries had pledged billions in aid for the rebuilding of Gaza.

4. After that, things became quiet. There was hardly any report in the press on what was happening. I suppose most people assume that the reconstruction of Gaza was proceeding apace.

5. But the reality is far different. The Egyptians limited the medicine and the building materials from entering Gaza from its territory. The sea is blockaded illegally by the Israelis. The people of Gaza have literally been made prisoners by these actions.

6. The Free Gaza Movement led by Huwaida Arraf was set up in order to send needed supplies to beleaguered Gaza. But after five small boats were successful in delivering much need supplies, the Israeli navy began to intercept them and forcing them to abort their humanitarian aid. read more

Wake up brothers and sisters the war is not over, continue our support especially on greatful Ramadhan.

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